The construction department deals with the construction of major projects (public and private), such as the following:

  • Public buildings
  • Hotels
  • Cultural centres
  • Educational institutions (Universities)
  • Renovation and redevelopment of traditional buildings
  • Private office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Apartment buildings

The company provides specialized and integrated services in the design and construction of real estate based on its many years of experience in the field, its specialized partners, aiming at quality and efficient service provision.

Real Estate

AXUM is active in the field of building construction

AXUM is active in the field of building construction. Its staff consists of experienced and qualified partners. The expertise combined with experience offers the best result. Our guiding principle is aesthetics and functionality. Every project is a challenge for us and is implemented based on your requirements and needs.

We offer a complete service by releasing you from any obligation. Our company contributes to the search of the site and the study of the construction project. We are committed to the delivery of the construction project within the time limit. Our projects are characterized by high quality and durable materials.

With many years of experience in our field, we provide reconstruction of the house or business, renovation of apartments, shops and general buildings, electrical work, plumbing work, painting, special constructions, etc.


AXUM is active in the field of tourist real estate

AXUM SA is also active in the field of tourist real estate and specifically undertakes the design, construction, supervision, licensing and the opening of the tourist accommodation. It provides full support during the construction stage of the project and its subsequent operation.

Specialization, expertise and experience are our three most important characteristics

Public projects – Buildings

AXUM is active both in the execution of private projects and in public construction and reconstruction. Public projects include the redevelopment of areas, construction of kindergartens, school facilities, hospitals, sports centers, etc. Our team is composed of qualified staff in order to respond to the requirements of the projects we undertake with the sole purpose of achieving the best results. Our guiding principle is quality in order to deliver projects that satisfy high demands.