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AXUM is the core company of a group of firms with many years of experience, which is active in the construction industry and the sales- management of real estate properties. It specializes in the administration and development of real estate, hotels and tourism accommodations and construction projects of all kinds.

AXUM started its operations in Greece in the beginning of 2021.

The company covers a wide range of activities such as design, construction, operation and development of real estate and tourism facilities.

The company’s objective is to optimally manage and develop the group’s real estate assets portfolio in order to create value through the best possible exploitation of these properties.


AXUM S.A. has an extremely specialized and essential knowledge to successfully operate in the field of new and modern housing construction to meet the needs of the private and public sector.

We build your future!

The responsibility for the constant and successful progress of AXUM SA belongs to a dynamic and solid management team. Characteristics of the team are its modern organization, the extensive experience of its staff, business flexibility, dedication to quality and the constant search for innovation. The company’s administrative team constantly demonstrates the effectiveness of its management and strategy, which is confirmed by the steady growth steps taken by the company.

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